Heart of Doha

About this project

Heart of Doha is an area in the centre of Doha covering approximately 90 acres that has been developed for urban and mixed-use with over 100 new and renovated civic, cultural and heritage buildings.  It provides space for communication, interaction and integration between different residential communities.  The district includes hotels, retail, apartments, schools, and 450,000 SF of office space combining historical architecture and sustainable design.  The project architect was Burns and McDonnell and the design required a flexible set of engineering systems that could endure the trials of a hot-dry climate with seasonal humidity and temperatures that reach 120F.  Frost Drainage are proud to have supported this project.

Products used

Planter drain, clamp stainless steel gravel guard, 2 fast fit couplings and pvc stand pipe, medium sump body cast iron body, 100mm Spigot outlet View Product

Cold roof medium-duty drain assembly threaded outlet View Product

Floor drain 150mm circular nickel bronze grating medium sump body spigot outlet View Product

Parapet roof balcony outlet assembly 90-degree grate threaded outlet View Product

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